What Does Our Pet Sitter Do During Their Visits?

Our Pet Sitter will First Check each Pet for Health and Safety, provide Food, provide Fresh Water, Offer Potty Break and Playtime. Check/Change bedding as needed. Clean up any Pet Messes. Spot clean as needed. Provide Walk and additional Playtime. Any additional household Chores. (mail, trash, newspapers etc) Check House for any Hazardous conditions. Reassure Pets, Lock up Home, Set Alarm. 

Vacation Visits- How many Visits does My Pet Need?

That depends on the Type of Pet You Have, the Health of your Pets, The age of Your Pets and whether they have dietary requirements. 

Puppies need to eat every few hours as well as frequent Potty breaks. Every 3- 4 hours. AS they get older, less frequently. Older pets may need to go out more frequently.  Some do well with 3-4 visits per day. Pets that are in their prime, Just Loving Life, can do well on 2-3 visits with extended playtimes! Medications will sometimes dictate when your pet needs to be visited. Cats are perfectly content with 1-2 visits as long as they have Fresh Food, Fresh Food & a Spotless Litter Box!

How does my Pet Sitter get Keys to Our Home?

Upon the Initial Getting to Know You visit, After Completing All necessary Pack Paperwork. Your Pet Sitter will Collect 2 Keys from our Client. The keys as well as your individual paperwork is locked in the key safe until your Service Request is accepted. 

We have also offer a Brand New Service: we can install a Key Box for those that request it.  

How do I Request Service?

We suggest you Call us as soon as you have desired Dates that you Need Service. As soon as you make your Vacation Plans, send us an email or call us to secure those Reservations. You can use our service request forms on our website, call us or email us. 

We will confirm those dates after the initial Meet and Greet with your Pack. 

Then you are all set! We will take care of every detail. 

Our Fastidious Cat Service

We Speak Fluent CAT! 

We understand that Cats are very fastidious creatures by nature. 

So we have a Dedicated Cat Caretaker. 

They care for the Felines sans canine interaction/scents. We make certain we interact with the Feline to look for obvious behavior changes as well as health changes, make certain they are eating regularly and provide Fresh Water/Food as well as Playtime and a SPOTLESS litterbox.  She also offers Irresistable treats! 

Cancellation Policy for Vacation Visits

We Understand that sometimes Plans fall through. We however have commited our staff to care for your pets on your requested dates. Your Reservations were confirmed with you, 

We may have declined other clients services so your Reservations are important to us. If you cancel with less then 24 hours notice Half of your reservation will be charged. If you cancel 14 days in advance of your scheduled reservation, there is no cancelation fee. 

Why Use A Professional Petsitter

Kennel vs Professional Pet Sitter

As A Pet Parent , you have many Choices when it comes to Care for your Pack. In the past, you may have relied on a Neighbor to come over and feed your pets while you were away from home. Some may have relied on their Veterinarian to provide Boarding for your pet family. Although both of these scenarios may have worked perfectly fine for Buster. It may not have been ideal. Your Neighbor  may or may not have fed your pets on time or at all, or cleaned up after your pets. Leaving your house to the whim of the caretaker. If your pets went to the Vets office, they were often housed  in a small confined area with sick or ailing pets, making for a pretty stressful situation. We understand . 

Pets are Family, They Love their Pack. And they understand their Place in the Pack Dynamic. When the Human Pack is away, We substitute Our Pack for their missing Pack and Provide them with all of the Necessities of Life... EXCEPT YOU! They learn when to expect Us, What we will Bring with Us, and Where They want to be Scratched and  What Treat is Their Favorite! We Toss Balls, Play Frisbee,  Walk, Talk, Sing  and do Everything we can to make them Happy! A Happy Pack is a Healthy Pack. We look forward to every Visit and strive to make each visit enjoyable for Our Extended Family. 

Hopefully, when they're family returns they are excited to Tell You All that Happened while you were away! 

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Obviously, We Love what we Do. We enjoy every minute with our Customers and Clients. There are times when we have to refer our clients to other avenues of care. If we feel we cannot Provide you and your Pack with the Level of Service that You

Deserve and Have come to expect. We will tell you. Please understand that we want the very Best Care for your Pet Family. 

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