As a Special Service to Our First Responders

When Duty Calls, We are There !

When Duty Calls and You cannot be there for your Pack. We are a phone call away! With some thoughtful Planning for thoseTimes, we can Pick Up Exactly where You Leave Off. Seamlessly! No matter what! We understand that Peoples lives depend on You! Your Pet Family can Depend on Us. No Matter What! For As long As They Need Us. We are Committed!

When Emergencies Happen :

And you are Called to Duty, We will Gladly Care  for and Provide Service to Our Current Clients. You can Depend on Us to provide requested services seamlessly for your pets Health and Safety as well as Your Peace of Mind. We Will:

  • Check Premises immediately.
  • Feed Pets as required.
  • Exercise your pets safely
  • Water  Plants
  • Pick Up any additional supplies as needed.
  • Bring in Mail/Newspapers
  • Take Out Trash
  • Secure  premises, as needed. 
  • Offer Additional Assistance to Pets and Home as needed. 
  • Vacuum /Mop as needed
  • Change Pet Bedding as needed
  • Wash Pet Bedding as needed
  • We will make every attempt to say Yes to whatever needs to be done.

Your Pack is important to you! We will do Everything we can to maintain a Safe and Healthy environment until you can arrive back Home. 

We can arrange for modified billing on the 1st and the 15th of every month with approved documents on file with any client that requires an Extended Service Agreement. Your Pets will be extended Members of Our Family in your absence. 

What ever it Takes, We Will be There!

For You and Your Pack!

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Because This Job Requires More then just Loving Animals

Loving Animals is Important in this Business, But it is Not the Only Requirement!

Our Team is:

  • Licensed to do Business. It is important to know that we are committed to our Community and will be there when You Need Us.!
  • We Are Professional Pet Sitters. We Over Promise and Over Deliver Every Time. We List, Document and Photograph every pet /procedure on every visit, every time. 
  • We are Certified in the Care and Treatment of Most all Pets. 
  • We are Insured! It is a Expense to us but it Protects our Clients and their Pets. It also protects Our Clients home in the event we are Negligent in any way that causes Damage to Them, Their  Pet or Their Home. You  Should Insist On this Extra Layer of Protection...For You and Your Pack!
  • We are Bonded. This is often called Theft Insurance. It means that in the unlikely event that you have something missing upon your return, you may follow-up with a claim to our insurance provider and the insurance company will followup with that service provider to recover its loss. Either way, You are Protected against Loss for Additional Peace of Mind!
  • We  are  Disaster Trained and Have a Disaster kit Pre Prepared for every Clients home. We just add individual Food  and Medications for the individual Pets. In the event of an imminent Danger we can safely Transport and Evacuate if required for your pets  Health and Safety. 
  • We are Red Cross Pro Pet Hero Certified. It is important that we can provide the necessary care in the unlikely event that your pet would ever Need It. We are trained in CPR for your Pet as well as First Aid to safely Handle almost any Pet Emergency. We are also Trained in How to Safely Move and  Transport Sick or Injured animals to the nearest Emergency Vet or the established Vet of your choice. This can make all the Difference in the event that they Need Us!

Ask Us Why

Pets are a Luxury to Some, A Necessity to Others.

Our Staff Volunteers with Numerous Pet Rescue Associations

Our Current Focus is to help Veterans and Our Ageing Community keep their pets fed and healthy.  We collect pet food donations to support the different organizations that assist these citizens in our Community as well as donate 10% of our Profits . 

We understand that Pets are an important factor in the health and well being of these citizens. So when they struggle with everyday needs we all suffer as a community. Please Help Us Help Them. Your Donation is greatly appreciated. 

We Salute Our Veterans ! We Thank You For Your Service!