What We Offer

Master the Walk

Pet exercise is Important to Our Pets. We Believe in and Practice Positive Reinforcement. We keep the walk appropriate for the Age and Ability of that pet, at that moment.  We Encourage Our Pack Master their  Walk!

  • Single Walk 30 minutes 22.00
  • Single Walk 45 minutes 30.00
  • Single Walk 60 minutes 42.00
  • 5 Pak Walk 30 minutes 90.00
  • 5 Pak  Walk 45 minutes 135.00
  • 5 Pak Walk 60 minutes 190.00

Walk-Sit Stay! Good Boy!!!

Monthly Walk Packages

This is Our Best Value! Happy Pups Need Lots of Premium Exercise as well as Consistent Positive Reinforcement. We offer 20 Walls to be scheduled and used with a 30 day Period. 

  • 20 - 30 minute Walks  360.00
  • 20 - 45 minute Walks  540.00
  • 20 - 60 minute  Walks 680.00 
  • We come to you, scheduled at your convenience or pre scheduled. Mid-day is usually Best for Dogs needing that mid day Stretch!
  • FREE Waste Management Package with all monthly Service contracts. 
  • A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog! 

Drop In Pet Services

There are Days when you absolutely Can Not be there for your Pets. We Get It!

But Buster May not Understand so well. 

For those days when you Know you Pawsitivly  can't be there for your Friend. Call Us, we know your Pet and Promise Hugs, Treats, Kisses and a short Potty Walk!

  • 30 Minute Rescue Trip 20.00
  • 45 Minute Rescue Trip 30.00
  • 60 Minute Rescue Trip 45.00

Your Pet Family will love your thoughtfulness, and we are a lot more reliable then the  neighbor kid next door!

Vacation Pet Visits

No Furry Friends like when  their Humans Go  Away on Vacation! But with Proper Planning, we can make certain your Pets are Healthy and Happy at Home. No Kennel Smell! No Extra Passengers from their Kennel Visit! Most Pets are fine with 3-4 Visits per day. Depending on their Age, Health and Activity Level, as well as Required Feeding Frequency. Cats are usually just fine with 1-2 visits daily.

  • 30 minute Meet/Potty/Play 25.00
  • 45 minute Meet/Potty/Play  32.00
  • 60 minute Meet/ Potty/Play  45.00
  • The above rates are for 1-3 animals
  • Additional Pets 10.00 each per visit
  • Holiday Weeks 15% additional 
  • Ask about Our Almost Overnight Service!!!

We can even combine playtime with a walk! We Leave your Pets  Tired, Full and Relaxed. They are ready for slumber. 

As an Introductory Offer

We want to Introduce Ourselves to your Pack! As a "Glad to Meet You" FREE Gift we would like to offer you an Introductory  20 Minute Get To Know You One-On-One Walk with a

Member of your Pack. As well as a Free Gift. Just For taking the time to Consider our Pet Services and For Completing Your Pets Information Pack! We'll be ready  for Your Pack when You Need Us!

ask us how

Additional Services Offered

  • Waste Management: Yup, Poop Patrol. We Take care of it!
  • Key Pick up and Drop Off. 
  • Pet Errands: Pick up food/medications.
  • Pet First Aid, when you need an extra hand! 
  • Pet Transportation. Vet, Groomer or Airport. 
  • Puppy Training Visits for Housetraining and Crate Training as well as leash training. 
  • Consultations.
  • Need a service but Don't See it listed? Call Us Today!
  • We will Provide you with Excellent Customer Service as well as a Happy Pack!